Welcome to Processr

Processr is an interactive tool designed to transform source text from one form into another, via a series of user-defined instructions.

It can be used to transform a simple source, such as a few words, into something more complex like:

Or, to take a complex source, such as an entire document, and transform it into something simpler, for example:

It really is up to you; Processr just provides the interface, tools and environment to do it.

Get started...

  • Learn how to use Processr with the Basics library.
  • Try some more advanced examples in the Examples library.
  • Check the Help to learn how Processr works
  • Read the Editing guide to become a power-user!

Welcome to your Personal library!

It's a little bare right now, but we can change that pretty quickly.

To add new items, you can:

  • Click the New link above, make some edits, then save the results
  • Open one of the other Libraries, then edit and re-save one of its items
  • Import an existing process

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You broke it

Or maybe I broke it. I don't know at this point, as it's still in Beta.

But nobody panic! We can just go back...

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